ZETAstatik Onlineservice

From now on we provide a new, free onlineservice ZETAstatik for registered Users.
Create a proofable statical calculation with only a few steps. Easily export inputs and results from ZETAquick to ZETAquick, using “Daten nach ZETAstatik”. Unfortunately this Service is only avaiable in German Language at the Moment.


High-strength material
More efficient products

We offer you competitive solutions based on sophisticated profile geometries. Thanks to our continuous improvement process, we are in a position to offer you the most efficient beams for your buildings. With immediate effect, we only use S450GD for all our sections. This means that you need less material for your construction projects. The new beams are of course fully compatible with all conventional fixtures and fastening systems.

Type-approved structural strength standard
Practical load tables

Our new type-approved structural strength standard is based on the technical approval for use in building construction for S450GD and the Eurocode. To assist you in your calculations, we have compiled user-friendly, compact load tables. Our method of calculation is approved by the relevant authorities and is therefore widely accepted as a reference for the structural strength tests.

ZETAquick online service
Quick preliminary dimensioning

Based on the type-approved structural strength standard, we now offer you our latest tool for efficient initial dimensioning. The easy-to-use ZETAquick preliminary dimensioning tool is available online and on your mobile whenever and wherever you need it. Enter a few parameters and we tell you which eaves system is most suitable for your project. You also have the option to optimise your construction with regard to load or width of loading. You receive a detailed and well-designed result document for your files. To access our free tool, go to: www.sbe-zeta.de/zetaquick. Unfortunately this Service is only avaiable in German Language at the Moment.

Tried & tested service
Your benefits

We would be delighted to make you an offer based on your specific requirements. Our competent team will assist you in choosing the best product for your project. We draw up installation plans and detailed drawings based on your specifications. Our structural strength calculations are of course free of charge. Our reliable logistics partners will ship the products ready for installation to you at short notice. Benefit from our expertise and experience in lightweight steel construction.