The detailed drawings for purlins are produced using our own 2-D systems, highly efficient and proven thousands of times. The purlin details and the component placement sketch, which contain all the necessary information for their management and installation, are sent for approval to the customer or his structural engineer. After successful approval, the purlin data are transferred directly to the CAM-system in the factory.

The customer is responsible for providing the information for detailed design of the side rails, as we do not know their positions nor the positions of windows and doors. The information on the components is then recorded in our engineering office and transferred to the factory.

Quick-build shed structures and mezzanine floors are designed completely in 3-D using the Advance Steel software package from Autodesk. This allows us to design your project accurately, down to the last nut and bolt. Before the sections are manufactured, the provisional design is sent to the customer so that he may check and approve critical dimensions and points of detail. After approval, the data is transferred into the CAM system.

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Detailed purlin drawings including placement diagrams
  • Design and detailing of the side rails from your component drawings
  • Complete design of the light steel structures of mezzanine floors and Quick-build shed buildings
  • Creation of the erection drawings
  • Parts lists, including screws and bolts
  • Structural engineering drawings