We are the exclusive agent for Ayrshire Metal Products (Daventry) Ltd., the leading manufacturer of light structural sections in the United Kingdom, with more than 60 years’ experience in this field.

We can take your light steel section project through the various stages from design, ordering and detailing to delivery on site.

Further advice on site is provided by our field engineers.

Experienced staff in the estimating department of our engineering office complete the structural design, schedule the quantities and provide you with the quotation. They also advise you in the preliminary stages of your project on all matters of design and construction.

Once you have placed your order, our engineering department takes the job forward, details the sections, produces the erection drawings, and completes construction in the case of Quick-build shed structures and SB mezzanine floors.

Following detailed approval by the customer, fabrication of the sections starts in our factory in the UK. Our material planning department then agrees all the details of the delivery with you and our long-term logistics partner takes responsibility for transport to the site or factory.